rubbery cupcakes no more!


“rubbery cupcakes no more i hope”, my best friend quipped. Indeed, my cupcakes no longer have that rubbery texture. *pleased grin* today, i made chocolate cupcakes with a new recipe (i really like this recipe: easy to make and fuss-free!) and the same sourcream banana cupcake i made the last time. the only amendment i made in the recipe for the sourcream banana cupcake was this: instead of blending the banana, i mashed it with a fork because i read that using banana puree can cause the cupcake to become too dense and rubbery too.

for both recipes, i used a wooden spoon instead of the electric mixer to prevent overmixing. the result? no more rubbery cupcakes. perhaps i might be overly obsessed, but you have to bake a rubbery cupcake to really dislike one. when you cut it in half, you see a heavy compressed middle and when you sink your teeth into it, it is akin to biting into meatloaf. so i have decided that henceforth, i shall revert to the primitive mode of mixing my ingredients until i learn how to use the electric mixer properly.

so here are some pictures of the cupcakes i baked today for my friends, whom i call my sample population. their verdict: they liked the base (though i could do with less sugar for the sourcream banana cupcake since the banana already exudes its own natural sweetness, and perhaps add some walnuts)but they found the frosting too sweet. i can never ditch that ‘sweet’ tag! will go even easier on the sugar the next round.


fuss-free moist chocolate cake


notice how the texture is even. no rubbery middles!


sourcream banana cupcakes (again)!


3 Responses to “rubbery cupcakes no more!”

  1. 1 pinkonbrown

    Not using the electric mixer anymore?!!!
    btw, our entire kitchen cabinet smells of vanilla essence…

  2. 2 pinkonbrown

    i see that my data has been stored on your computer such that you can log in as me! use another name willya?

    i said i would use it with discretion, not not use it anymore. and leave my vanilla essence alone, they are such precious things and absolutely integral in my baking! grr.

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